Toby Maguire


Update December 2009

Toby's new mommy sent us some updated pictures of our little sunshine boy in his new home along with an original letter from Toby to his foster mom:

Dear Momma Franz:
I am so very sorry I have been a bad boy and havent written.
I am so busy everyday enjoying my new family and exploring everything around me.  I play with Muffin.  I bite her ears, she runs away from me, but I catch her.  I can run real fast now and our new house has tile floor and I learned to slide, just like the baseball players do when the are running the bases.  We have a swimming pool, but I am not allowed in it.  We have a big screened in lanai and I can run out there and chase the squirrels.  I dont like the squirrels and neither does Muffin so we both try to scare them away.  My Momma Linda says I am a great watch dog.

I have a new aunt.  Her name is aunt Connie and she lives across the street.  Boy does she love me.  She pets me so nicely and talks so sweet to me.  She has a REAL old dog named Bandit and he cant move to well.  He stays in the house and I never really met him.  I think he is14 yrs old.

I got a new collar and a name tag that tells everyone my name, where I live and my phone number in case I get lost, but I dont think that will ever happen cause mommy doesnt let me out of her site. OH, I forgot to tell you.  I go to the bank every week, actually 2 banks.  We go through the drive in and the ladies LOVE ME.   I get cookies all the time. I look out the back window and they see me.  They think I am so cute that I get 2 cookies instead of one.  Yummy

Mommy knows how good I am in the car and she takes me and Muffin out if it is a short trip cause I cant stay in the hot car.
I love you and miss you very much.  Thank you for giving me up.  I know it was hard for you to do.  I will see you again, my mommy promised me.
Please see the new e-mail address so you can write back to me.
My mommy PROMISEs she will send you a picture - if not on the computer, in an envelope, I dont know what an envelope is but she does.
Hugs and kisses to you momma franz
I hope you are well and feeling good.  I remember you in my prayers at nite.
Love you

Baby Toby Is Adopted!

Our brave little trooper Toby has found his forever home with someone as special as he is and with a heart as big as his! He is the nicest little guy in the world, a quiet boy with long eyelashers, a little kisser. He loves to play, eat, make friends, all the things a perfect dog loves to do. Surgeon says he can lead a long happy healthy life. Everyone who knows him thanks their lucky stars that we were given the opportunity to save his life.

Toby's Story:

Six months old Toby Maguire was hit by a golf cart. Both back legs were horribly broken and he was fighting for his life. Toby Maguire has made it through all the surgeries. His one back leg now has 2 metal rods inserted in it. The other leg unfortunately had to be amputated. He is recovering and there is no sign of infection so we are very thankful. He is now learning how to walk on his remaining back leg and once completely heeled he will get along just fine.  His veterinary expenses have cost us $3,500.  

We are desperately trying to collect donations to cover vet expenses. Any amount will help!

We are trying everything we can to get him through this so he can run and play and be the happy puppy he deserves to be.

Donations can be made by check or by paypal through this Web site.