• Treatment: $750 + $100
  • Reason: tick infestation, anemia
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Beautiful little Samwise's has found a loving home where he hopefully can forget about his neglected past.


Look at Samwise now, how he has flourished in our care! He is gaining strength and coming out of his shell after being horrifically neglected for so long. He is a wonderful tender hearted boy, who doesn't have a mean bone in his body.


Little Samwise was surrendered to Shih Tzu Rescue by an owner who loved him but couldn't afford the money needed to eradicate a horrendous tick infestation. He lost his home and came terribly close to losing his life.

A volunteer brought him to our shelter on a Sunday afternoon and we couldn't believe the outrageous number (in the thousands) of ticks covering his poor shaking little body - his gums were pure white - he was lethargic - we raced him to an emergency hospital. After diagnostics an immediate blood transfusion saved his life. The hospital worked all night removing ticks. He stayed for 2 days and came to Shih Tzu Rescue where he's being nursed back to health.

We paid the hospital $750, which was more than generous, and included a $100 fumigation fee to fumigate the hospital. Unfortunately, a heavy tick infestation cannot be resolved with one application of medication or one takes days of medication and human labor to remove the horrible parasites -- worse than any vampire movie.

Samwise is one of many dogs we take in every month - rescue is a 24/7 commitment and we cannot choose a convenient time to save a dog - we must act immediately or the dog dies. In order to be able to take in dogs like Samwise, in need of immediate costly medical intervention, we need your financial support. Please help us pay for his $750 hospitalization and to be able to continue to help as many desperate need dogs as we can.


Please help us help these innocent souls by making a tax deductible donation to Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. Donations can be made through PayPal or by mail to Shih Tzu Rescue; 4474 Weston Rd., #175; Davie; FL; 33331.

Shih Tzu Rescue is a Non-Profit NO KILL organization that has cared for and rehomed thousands of homeless dogs since 1998 and is presently caring for 98 at the shelter/sanctuary we have maintained since 2002. We desperately need your financial support to continue our work.


Thank You! :)

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