Update March 2012

Patchulie has been doing great since her surgery to remove a stone the size of a lemon. She is doing well on her special diet and is ready to be adopted! She should not have any future issues as long as she is kept on the special diet. Her condition came about due to neglect. Thank you to all who helped us in raising the money for her care. We couldn't have done it without you! Patchulie is forever grateful and so are we!!

Patchuli's Story

Sweet Patchuli was surrendered to Shih Tzu Rescue along with her best friend Snoopy. They are a wonderful bonded pair and need to be adopted together. We promised to do that. Shortly after they came to STR Patchuli showed signs of not being well. She was trying to urinate and could not. This was a life threatening situation. She was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital where we were informed that she had bladder stone the size of a lemon inside that was preventing her from urinating. Luckily we realized in time to get Patchulie the help she needed. Her emergency surgery cost $1,100. This is where we desperately need your help! We need your help to raise the money to cover the cost of Patchuli’s surgery. Your help will allow us the opportunity to continue to care for dogs like Patchuli who have emergency needs. WE CAN’T DO IT ALONE. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! Patchuli is healing and doing great. She is ready to be adopted. She and Snoopy are patiently waiting their new furever homes.

Thank You! :)