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Monette came to Shih Tzu Rescue in August 2013 with her mother Carmela Rose, her daughter Nina Bella and her brother Russell, in deplorable condition. They had never been to a vet and had spent their entire lives living outdoors. Upon arrival, they were groomed and given their own comfortable space with clean beds. Living in an air conditioned environment and being cared for and loved was new to them and they responded with wagging tails and kisses. Nina Bella and Russell were adopted to loving homes, but Monette and her mother adored each other so we decided not to separate them so that they would be adopted together. Unfortunately that day never came.

In February 2015 our groomer noticed a lump on Monette's hind leg and we sent her to our vet who operated to remove it. It turned out to be a Mast Cell tumor and he was unable to get clear margins. The mass continued to grow. We immediately started her on holistic medications and took her to an oncologist who treated her for 8 months with five different types of chemo. Though all of the treatments she was a real trooper. Always happy, tail wagging and a look of love in her beautiful eyes.
On Wednesday November 4th she wouldn't eat. On Thursday we took her to the vet where tests were done and fluids given to try and give her some energy. She was too weak to stand but was able to wag her tail. Monette lost her battle with cancer that day, even though we did everything possible to save her. We are heartbroken and she will always be in our hearts. She was so special and we learned so much from her sweet loving personality which never changed through all of the hardship she endured.

We miss her terribly.
Monette is one of so many mistreated and abandoned dogs that we have taken in over the last 21 years with most ending in adoptions to loving homes.



My name is Monette. I am only six years old and I spent my life in a back yard with my mother, brother and daughter before coming to Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. where for the first time we lived in an air conditioned house and were well cared for. My brother and dauther were adopted, but my mother and I are inseparable and need to be adopted together.

I had a bump on my leg and went to the vet who removed most of it but wanted me to see another doctor called an oncologist, who gives me medicine called chemotherapy. My mom doesn't know about this, so please don't tell her. The bump is much smaller but my medicine and treatment is expensive, over $700 each month, and while my human family at Shih Tzu Rescue is presently paying the bill, I know that they have many others to care for and I know it is very difficult for them to meet my monthly medical expenses.

I am very sweet and love everyone and have a positive attitude and feel confident that I will beat this. Please help me and my Shih Tzu Rescue family by sending a tax deductable donation. Payments can be made through PAYPAL or a check mailed to: SHIH TZU RESCUE, INC.


Please help us help these innocent souls by making a tax deductible donation to Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. Donations can be made through PayPal or by mail to Shih Tzu Rescue; 4474 Weston Rd., #175; Davie; FL; 33331.

Shih Tzu Rescue is a Non-Profit NO KILL organization that has cared for and rehomed thousands of homeless dogs since 1998 and is presently caring for 98 at the shelter/sanctuary we have maintained since 2002. We desperately need your financial support to continue our work.


Thank YOU for helping me! :)

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