Lee Lee

  • Treatment: $750
  • Reason: eye injury
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Latest News:

After a rough start in life baby Lee Lee has found a loving home where she now has the chance to grow up a happy puppy.

With the help of some very dedicated supporters (some new and some who have helped in the past) we reached our goal of $700 which covered Little Lee Lee's expenses for the removal of her damaged eye before rupture. Little Lee Lee was surrendered to us in terrible condition and was immediately rushed to the veterinary Ophthalmologist who determined that her eye needed to be removed for fear of rupture. She is doing great and will stay safely in our care until a wonderful forever home is found! Thank you to all who donated. We know we can't always ask the same people for support so if you are reading one of our posts and are new to our group please know when we send out a plea every $10 donation gets us closer to reaching our goal. expenses are tremendous and we can't continue doing this important work unless we continue to receive and GROW our supporter base. Again, we are tremendously grateful to all who donated. Our next new plea will come out shortly. There is no sitting idle in rescue! Too many dogs coming in with terrible health issues due to neglect.

Little Lee Lee is a sweet, playful 4 month old puppy who came to us from a family with four children who handled her far too roughly and then when her eye was injured they dumped her. We immediately took her to the Veterinary Ophthalmologist who told us the eye needed to come out for fear of rupture. She had glaucoma in that eye as well - the pressure was very high. The eye was non visual due to the trauma it sustained. So yesterday Lee Lee had the surgery to remove her right eye. She is doing well and is being very well taken care of by a wonderful foster mommy. She will be ready for adoption soon.

We desperately need help in covering her veterinary expenses. Please consider donating. We can't continue our efforts with out the support from those that believe in what we do. Little Lee Lee is going to be alright (thankfully) and she will find her forever home where she will be cherished. Please help spread the word that Shih Tzus are high maintenance pups who need the vigilant watch of an adult so that situations like these don't happen. Please support our efforts by donating (no amount is too small) so we can continue to help dogs like little Lee Lee.

Thank You! :)

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