Lassie's Story

UPDATE: 1/19/13:
Lassie had her surgery three weeks ago and is doing remarkably... read more

UPDATE: 12/12/15:
Lassie was found wandering the streets of south Miami. She was clearly neglected for all of her life. She was skinny and had visible scars on her face. She was extremely mistrusting of people when she first came into our care. 2 weeks ago Lassie went to the vet for a routine exam and it was discovered that she has 2 mammary gland tumors. They need to be removed immediately.

Our vet has quoted us $725 for the surgery and xrays. We desperately need to raise funds to get her the surgery.

Please consider donating to help Lassie. If we get the tumors off of her she has an EXCELLENT prognosis of living a normal and healthy rest of her life. She deserves for us to fight for her now!!! This picture was taken after several month in our care. She has gained weight and has a new lease on life!

If 29 people donate $25 we will raise what we need to get her the surgery. Please help us help Lassie. Thank You! :)