Jamie Lee

  • Treatment: $1500
  • Reason: injury to eye, teeth, leg
  • I Can Help:

The good medical care and TLC at STR has worked miracles for this little soul. Jaime Lee is ready for adoption to the right person or family who will spoil her as she so deserves. She is a sweet, gentle soul. She loves to sit in your lap, yet is playful and has made fast doggie friends at STR. She has a beautiful face in spite of what she has been through.

This is the story of Jamie Lee, a brave little Shih Tzu girl who didn't give up.

Jamie Lee, two years old, was purchased for $50 as a gift, from craigslist, a gift that never was given. The woman who bought her left her in her back yard, Jamie Lee dug her way out, and was hit by a car. The woman, thinking she was dead, buried her in the back yard.

Two days later, Jamie Lee appeared at the owner's door, covered with dirt. Somehow she'd managed to dig her way out of her grave - possibly with the help of two guard dogs who were kept in the back yard. The owner, not having the money for medical care, called Shih Tzu Rescue to take her.

We rushed her to our Vet who did the necessary radiographs, blood work and exam. There were no broken bones or internal injuries; her eye was ruptured & very painful, she lost two teeth but the intact roots must be removed, there's a gash on her right leg that must be treated, her knee appears to be injured. We rushed her to our opthalmologist who said the eye cannot be saved & must be removed. All of her medical needs will be taken care of this week.

Jamie Lee is a very sweet little dog who gives kisses and we are so happy that she came our way. Her story, while shocking, is not surprising. Every single day we are confronted with dogs who are terribly mistreated and in desperate need of medical care and while we have the physical facility to take in these poor suffering creatures, we are limited by our financial situation.

Please help us help these innocent souls by making a tax deductible donation to Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. Donations can be made through PayPal or by mail to Shih Tzu Rescue; 4474 Weston Rd., #175; Davie; FL; 33331.

Shih Tzu Rescue is a Non-Profit NO KILL organization that has cared for and rehomed thousands of homeless dogs since 1998 and is presently caring for 75 at the shelter/sanctuary we have maintained since 2002. We desperately need your financial support to continue our work.


Thank You! :)

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