Rescue Stories


Consequences of a backyard kinda life    find out

Paisley Rose

Full of bloody sores, scratching herself to death    find out

Lola Joy

In house for three weeks with her dead human mother    find out

Thanks To You...

Your generous donations allow us to save dogs who are highly adoptable as well as those who arrive in poor condition.

Thanks to your ongoing support many, many dogs are trading certain neglect and possible euthanasia for new lives in permanent homes.

Check out their stories….and remember there are others still patiently waiting to be adopted.


Wandering the streets with thousands of fleas    find out


Covered in thousands of ticks -- survived vampire hell    find out

Jamie Lee

Hit by car and burried alive -- never gave up    find out

Lee Lee

4 months young puppy eye injured and dumped    find out

Sugar Jane

Dumped to die and yet loves everyone    find out


Deveroux worries about best friend's gravel pile    find out


Starved and abandoned with a great prognosis    find out


Noble little soul with a fighting chance    find out


Loveable Pug mix dumped like sour grapes    find out


Sweet pea with a strange pee pee situation    find out


Eye for an eye for a neglected Tzu boy    find out


Baby boy with extreme bulging eyes    find out

Truly Rose

Neglect and surrender with a twist    find out


Cancer girl with a new outlook on life    find out


Brave little "lion" has a broken heart    find out


Sweet yorkie with a bad skin condition    find out

Toby Maguire

Run over by a golf cart, both hind legs smashed   find out