Hollis' Story

Hollis is a sweet little girl about 6-years-old who came in with her best friend Deveroux who is about 7. They have lived a life of neglect in a backyard with no love or affection. When they came to Shih Tzu Rescue we had them both fully vetted. Hollis was immediately put on antibiotics to treat what we thought was a urinary tract infection. Unfortunately the antibiotics were not all that was needed. After a few days it became apparent she was straining to urinate and it was determined after an x-ray she needed immediate surgery to remove many stones from her bladder.

We are in desperate need to raise money to cover her veterinary costs of $650. Every bit helps. We can’t continue to do what we do without your support.

There are too many dogs out there that need our help. Hollis is not the only special needs doggie we have taken in the last month (See Nadia & Deveroux, on the verge of complete blindness and Frannie Pie, Phineas, Patches and several others.) who had to go to veterinary ophthalmologists for terribly neglected eyes. Sugar Jane was loaded with Hook, Whip and Heartworms. She is undergoing treatment. Then there is Little Princess Antonia who needed a complete mastectomy. Many others needed medical care, as well. Our vet bills are staggering. Please consider donating.

Thank You! :)

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