Update March 2012

Happy Halsey is how he is known now! Halsey successfully went through and has healed from double eye grafts. You can see in the photos that he is doing wonderfully! He has been adopted to a wonderful home and tries his best to rule the roost. He is a playful boy who loves his humans. In turn, they adore him and make him feel like such an important boy. Thank you to all who helped us raise money to cover the huge vet bill. We raised about 90% to our goal of $1,200 . Please keep us in your thoughts when thinking about donations. We will continuously need your help so we can continue helping dogs like Halsey.

Take a look at some other dogs in our care that have needed extensive veterinary assistance:

Love Star - blind due to neurological damage from probably being kicked in the head
Patchulie - bladder stone surgery
Susie - demadectic mange treatment
Ferdinand - heartworm treatment and bacterial skin infection
Edie Rose - eye ulcer (cost $1.200)
TC - high blood pressure treatment and testing
Charleston - eye surgery due to eye sockets to big to hold eyes, has had one surgery and has another one coming up
Red – nasal scope and bloodwork (cost $975)
Bear – chronic ear infections

We need your continued support. Please stay in touch. Thanks from all your friends at Shih Tzu Rescue

Halsey's Story

Surrendered by his family with flea dermatitis and ear infections, shelter staff nursed him back to health over the past month. A week ago, Friday, he went in for a routine neuter operation. Saturday morning, shelter staff discovered him squinting and took him to our Opthamologist. There he was rushed into surgery to save his sight. BOTH eyes had deep corneal ulcers which would have perforated if not for a double conjunctival graft. Cost of surgery, medicines and first follow-up visit, $1,200.00.

This is just one of our emergencies in October. With so many dogs in our care (well over 100), the odds are against us. This month alone we have had to rush Sasha to the hospital, where she stayed for two days. Honey Rose was also rushed in with an eye condition which let to extensive blood work. Winifred Mae also treated for a UTI. Now, we're facing Mandy's eye surgery for a tumor...