Filiberto's Story

Filiberto is the most noble little soul. He came in from a horrible situation in Miami and is so thankful to be safe with us. His charmed life had just begun. He is about 7-8 years old and clearly has not been cherished the way he deserves to be.

Shortly after being with us we noticed a mass on his back leg. He went to the vet where they examined him and x-rayed the leg. The vet came back and explained the leg had been fractured (an old injury that had already begun to heal) and there was a mass he was concerned about. We had the mass biopsied and it came back as cancer. He has a good and promising prognosis but we need to get the cancer off him.

The surgery will cost $1200. We are desperately trying to raise enough money to put down as a deposit. Filiberto needs us now more than ever. This is the first time anyone has probably fought for him. He has so much life left to live and if we get the mass removed he has a great chance at a completely normal life. Time is of the essence here.

Please consider helping out so we can continue helping the dogs who really need the care.

Thank You! :)