Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We have opportunities for any and every level of age, skill, talent, and time availability. Experience not necessary, but good attitude, ability to roll with the punches, think on your feet, and come home with paw prints on every pair of shorts you own are required.
Payment is $0, but the sense of satisfaction, pride, and accomplishment is priceless……


Foster Families

Perhaps the most special of all our volunteers are Shih Tzu Rescue Foster Families. They open their homes and hearts to older, special needs dogs until they can fine a forever home of their own. The rescue provides the medical care and medication when needed; you provide the home and love. If you would like to be considered as a foster family for a large or small dog, please fill-out the adoption application noting your interest in a foster arrangement. If we have a dog we think matches with you, we will contact you. Please be patient with us. We are a small team of volunteers whose primary mission is to tend to and re-home the dogs surrendered to our care. If you have not heard from us in 10 days, please feel free to continue your search.

Special Events Team

Help the Shih Tzu Rescue get the word out about our dogs to help them find forever homes at parks, festivals, and adoption events! This is the perfect opportunity for those volunteers who love to schmooze and can work over a crowd one on one.

Pre Events Team

Help the event organizer assemble the team and supplies they need including fliers, tables, supplies, t-shirts, information to distribute, etc.

Poo Patrol

If you have an interest in being “hands on” for the shelter and aren’t afraid of a little dog poo, have we got the job for you! The most hectic time for our staff is in the morning – can you imagine getting 91 dogs cleaned up from the night before and getting them fed? Most of the week we have it covered with no problem, however, Monday and Tuesday mornings we are a bit short staffed! If you have some time early the in the morning (7AM-11PM) and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, we could really use some help.


Many of our dogs have never had the human interaction, love, training, and socialization they need to help them to fully develop their personalities to catch the eye of that someone special who is looking for a new member to add to their family! Our Socialization team will have the opportunity to be a buddy to one of our guests and work with them one on one to teach them basic commands and help them to increase their self esteem and overcome their shyness and fear in a loving, controlled environment. The Shelter provides clinical programs to follow, so no prior behavioral experience or PhD is necessary!

Bath Buddies

Our full time groomer is up to her eyeballs in fur and suds and could use a hand keeping all our guests smelling sweet! Who doesn’t feel better after a good shower and getting rubbed down in the tub goes a long way to helping our guests feel their best. We provide the tub, water, shampoo, towels and rubber duck you provide the hands.


Do you knit, crochet, woodwork, paint or craft? We are always looking for lovingly created goods to raffle or sell for our fundraising efforts!


Do you have an in with the media? Do you know how to work a TV camera? We are looking for a publicist to help us get the word out through any and every possible media outlet about our shelter and the amazing creatures we have who are looking for a home.


With so many paws coming and going through the shelter all day, things tend to get broken and need some ongoing touch up. We have plenty of “honey-do” tasks that could use a skilled set of hands; electrical repairs, drywall, painting, weeding, mowing, etc. If you have managed to get through the whole list at your house, want to help us tackle ours?

Corporate Fundraiser

If you have a talent for getting people to part with their money, this is the perfect position for you! We are seeking talented, outgoing people who know how to network, phone work, and letter work. We are fortunate to have an amazing facility, but it requires a great amount of monetary resources to keep it going. Our corporate fundraiser will reach out to local business seeking monetary donations or donations of supplies, or even discounts for goods and services we use lots of. Even a small discount on dog food for 100 dogs goes a long way!

Personal Fundraiser

Donations both large and small make up the lifeblood of the shelter. Small donations are just as important to us as the large ones because both size donations show that people care! The personal fundraiser position involves reaching out to people one by one and small groups and organizations to build our network of sponsors, friends, and groups who are interested in helping the shelter through equipment and supply drives, garage sales, etc.

Breakroom Buddy

This volunteer opportunity may just be the most effortless one we have that can fit into even the busiest schedule! All you need to do is agree to join our flier distribution list which entails agreeing to print and hang one of our fliers in your breakroom at work. Getting our name and web address in front of people is essential for our ongoing success. Not everyone in your office may be looking for a dog at any given time, but chances are if they see our flier and know of someone who is, they will remember and recommend us.

Anything Else

There are as many ways to help out there as there are people. If you have a special, odd, unique, or in demand talent that we have not listed here, by all means drop us a note and let us know what it is! You just may be the key to our next $1,000,000 idea...


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.