Somewhere Over The Rainbow...



(adopted 2005 from Shih Tzu Rescue)

Once in great while, a dog comes your way who really, really needs you. We were privileged to provide Shane with a home where he could feel safe and secure. We will never forget our little mister, with his soft, moon face; deep, expressive eyes, and a past in need of forgetting. We will always remember his excited, twirling dinner dance; his snoring, snuggling, and our family neighborhood walks. He made our lives better. We loved him dearly.

Pat and Jeff Davis

Tucker Rocky

Tucker Rocky

Our beloved Shih- Tzu, Tucker Rocky will be forever in our hearts. He graced our life with his truly unique and spunky presence for 13 1/2years. One of the best days of my life will be when we brought that little brown and black puppy home in the spring of March 1996. Having him in our life was pure joy and happiness. It's only been a week since he has left us and our hearts break to see his little face and hear his bark. Our home will never be the same without our beloved Tucker. Mommy and Daddy love and miss you with all our hearts Boo-Boo, till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.



Shih Tzu Rescue was blessed with Tasha for many years. She was a great little girl, patiently waiting for her forever home. Today her forever home found her...

May she rest in peace.

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Sweet Maggie May was loved by my sister her whole life. She was the sweetest Beagle ever born. She will be missed by everyone who loved her especially her mommy and me, and her sisters Dolly and Minnie. Rest in heaven with my Jodi.



In loving memory of darling Zuki Azcoitia, who was the protector, comforter and treasured companion

Treasured and adored companion of Maite Azcoitia



Sweet Jodi was a rescue from a puppy mill and my sister gave her all the love she needed , she passed away on 1-7-09 and we miss her terribly.

May Jodi rest in peace.
God Bless Her.

- Janet Brown



Our Rita came to us trembling and so scared at age 10. I can't imagine someone giving up this gentle soul who had only love to give. She was the sweetest little girl, and would sit on your lap and stare right at you with those beautiful eyes. She was our little Princess and we cherished the 6 years she spent with us. We loved her dearly and miss her
so much. May she rest in peace in a beautiful place without thunder.

- Leslie



Of all the thorns I received from life. You only provided blooming petals. Never have you been a challenge, never have you been an ostacle, never have you caused distress or anguish or lack of love. For you have always been love. You have only shown love. You have only lived love

And the monstrosities of life only help me value the kindness in you. And only helps me to appreciate the kindness in me, and in all of us.

I am so in awe of your sweetness and how you have been there for me in such an unconditional way.

May I learn from your wisdom and partake in the same path of Kindness also.




Herbert was rescued from starvation, being tied to a store. Shih Tzu Rescue was blessed to be able to give this wonderful senior a warm, happy, loving home....forever.

May he rest in peace.



Julio, one or our friendliest seniors has closed his eyes forever

Your friends at Shih Tzu Rescue miss you!



Zorro, you're gone way too soon and will be greatly missed by all who knew you, championed your safety, loved your gentle spirit and mischievous begging stance that made us laugh out loud. May you be running in the clouds feeling all the goodness of heaven.



Mimi was my constant companion and was such a little trooper, going along willingly with my three moves to different homes back in Illinois and then driving across the center of the country to a new life in Florida. She never showed any hesitation when I packed her in the car for three days on the road and in hotels, or packed her on a carrier for a trip on a plane. Her very favorite activity was going for a ride in the wicker basket on my bike and riding down the road to visit her aunt Kim or the neighbors in our community.

She was always game for driving to the local Lowes or Homegoods, sitting quietly in the cart while I looked and shopped. The clerks and shoppers in the stores never failed to make a fuss over her and comment about how well-behaved she was in the stores. I miss her terribly and still can't believe that she is gone.



Millie was more than a dog, she was a beloved family member. A family member who helped her "Mom" through some very difficult times. Millie was that special once in a lifetime dog. She will be missed beyond words. We trust she is in good hands in heaven happily waiting to see her "Mom" again. It is after all where such a special dog belongs!




Winston was a beloved family member and companion to Rachelle. A donation was made by friends and co-workers of Winston's family. His loving spirit will always be remembered




Miss Molly, 4 1/2 years old, passed away June, 2010 from a sudden bout of pancreatic cancer. She was a comical basset hound whose long, funny face and stubborn personality filled us with much laughter. She is very missed by her family and we will always have hilarious memories of her. A big hug and thank you to Janie Taylor for her donation to honor Miss Molly.

Auslander Family



Ernest Varvoutis



Mylo came to Sandy 6 yrs ago as a foster only 2 yrs old. He had been abused, had terrible ear infections and was very aggressive. Sandy never gave up on him, showing him that humans can love as he became her first foster "failure".
I know Mylo knew how much Sandy loved him, he feels it even now as he waits at the bridge with Buster.

With kindest regards,

Sharon R. Harper


In memory of Carolyn Cook, beloved wife of Chuck & mother of furbaby Schuyler, a great friend of Shih Tzu Rescue.



In loving memory of my incredible faithful companion and my heart...
Duncan Lewis 1993-2010



Lily Roma Lewis...1995(?) - Oct 11, 2011.
My baby girl was the most courageous living creature I have ever to my Mom, who died of Ovarian Cancer at the age of 40, Rosemary (whom she was named after). I rescued her from a puppy mill in Illinois. She was 5-8 yrs old & in deplorable condition. She had hardly any hair & what hair she did have was yellow from excrement. She weighed 3 lbs & had rocks in her stomach, that she'd eaten for food.From the first day she smelled the fresh air she was full of happiness, sunshine & laughter.I miss her dearly...but even now, as I write this, she still brings a smile in my soul.


A donation was made in loving memory of Joyce Schubert by her friends. Her spirit will live on in the lives of her beloved Shih Tzu boys, Topsy and Turvy

Mr Beasley

In loving memory of Mr. Beasley, the dearly beloved wonderful Shih Tzu of Mary Dement.

Jenny Roberts

In loving memory of Jenny Roberts, a great friend of Shih Tzu's, devoted mother of Shih Tzu children, Morgan & Makenzie. Dearly loved - forever in our hearts.

Miss Daisy

In memory of Miss Daisy Bryla, a wonderful dearly loved dog.



Though he has left us, he will never be forgotten. Stryker was a happy boy who loved everything and everyone. We were so blessed to have him for 13 years especially given he lived with diabetes for the last 5 yrs of his live.

We love and miss him greatly.

With kindest regards, Sharon R. Harper

Niki Cerceo


In loving memory of our little Niki. We have been so blessed to have had her for 19 years. Although she has passed on she will forever be in our hearts until we're together again. We love you Niki.

Melissa, Danielle, Pam



In loving memory of our beloved Niki. You are in our hearts forever.




To our beautiful companion, Psycho, April 7, 2000 to June 7, 2012. We will always treasure the memory of you and your sunny and lovable nature. How blessed we were to share your life with you and to live it to the fullest. We miss your presence in our lives but are consoled by the numerous memories we have of you as you traveled with us through the first 12 years of our marriage. Rest well, baby, and we’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Joe and Debra T.



Gotti – we loved you and your big , kind soul. You will be missed. We loved your teethy smiles and know you are now at peace with your best friend Sasha.

Love always.


In honor of my baby boy Rocky. Not a day goes by that my heart is not breaking. We love and will miss you always!

Donna Owens

Willie Dunlap

Willie was a loyal and wonderful part of our family. He will always be loved and be greatly missed.

In loving memories, the Dunlaps


In loving memory of one of the most adorable, gentle, and loving dogs that we have ever known. We will all miss Coco greatly.

The Higgins and Goldman families



Patrick Raymakers Copley, 10/24/1995 - 02/07/2013, lived with his family for almost 17 love filled years. He was a very good, sweet boy who loved furry pillows, his brother Benjamin and his best friends Ricky and Riley. He was the happiest little dog in the entire world who would prance when he walked, putting a smile on everyone's face. He was a great singer and dancer and loved to give kisses. His favorite time of the day was bedtime when he would get on the big bed, he would get so excited he would almost burst! He loved coming to Palm Beach for the winters as he didn't like snow or the cold and he didn't have to wear sweaters all of the time. He will greatly missed by everyone, especially by Rob and Ray who loved him very, very much and in whose hearts his memory will remain forever. He is at the Rainbow Bridge with Sammy, Miss Hannah, Susie and Ricky.



In Loving Memory of my sweet Bella Feb. 18, 2008 - June 19, 2011. The time was too short and I still miss you so very much!! Forever in my heart little girl - one sweet day!!!



In memory of Wisely, a wonderful dog who was the treasured companion of Florence Yu.

Sir Marlee

Had my precious Sir Marlee lived two more months he would have been 17 today. I brought him home when he was 5 1/2 weeks old. He gave me almost 17 years of unconditional love, sharing many sorrows, health crises, and other difficulties and always being there to bring me joy and often laughter. He was beautiful and had a beautiful personality to match. I am grateful to God and to Marlee for almost 17 wonderful years.


Zackman & Emma

Zack & Emma

They were 14 years young, brother and sister. He looked like Wolfman he naturally became Zackman. Emma was a real "spark plug"...she would snort when she was happy and really protected her brother. Zack could work a party like no one you ever saw: he would go up to an unsuspecting person, and stand on his haunches and just stare with those beautiful eyes. They are so special and I'm sure are at the Rainbow bridge waiting. I miss them so.

Mary Ann

Theo & Emma


In loving memory of my pal, Theo, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 12/7/2012. His loss has left a huge void - he was dearly loved and is greatly missed.

Bob Pierce



Stella, our grand-dog was loved by everyone . We will love her and remember her always.

Laura Manson



In loving Memory of "one-eyed" Lucy, a white toy Poodle adopted from Shih Tzu Rescue many years ago. She died of complications due to cancerous tumors back in July '07. She provided much happiness to us all and is still missed.

Fr. Downey

Kukui Monster Poo


In memory of Kukui Monster Poo - best pup in the world.

Bernadette E. Peters


It has been a year since our little girl Kelsey went to Heaven. We miss her so very much. We will see you again our little Angel. Love you!

Eric & Cathy



In memory of our furry son Buddy. Thank you for 13 wonderful years. Until we meet again.

Love, Your Mom & Dad



Snuffy brought years of joy to our family. He was always such a loving and cuddly dog. I know he was a constant companion to my mother and provided her so much love. For those memories, he will never be forgotten.

Erin Manor



Snuffy came into my life when I needed him the most. He had been my companion for almost 13 years and we shared many good times. He is missed and he has taken a piece of my heart with him.

Mary Ann Atkinson

Sydney Kokoro

Sidney Kokoro

Sydney Kokoro was our sweet Island Boy from the Big Island. Rescued from a gas station up Mauka in Kona - he was our true best friend for 16 wonderful years. Through paralysis (temporary), back surgery, allergies, heart disease (ironically), worms, medicine three times a day for 12 years, three major life threatening dog attacks - our little trooper lived a fantastic, always interesting life, in Hawaii and in Florida the last 8 years of is life. Rest now, little Syd. You're Home Now. Sept. 10, 1997 ~ July 8 2013

Yvonne Hermans



Cancer took you too early from us. You were Gizmo's protector, Kinkade's playmate and Daddy and Mommy's Buddy Bear. We miss you every single day, Bear.

Charlene Mottola



Diva, mon doudou, today would have been your 10th birthday if this terrible disease, hemolytic anemia did not take you away, so far away over the rainbow bridge just a month ago. We are so lost without you. On this day, we only want to remember how beautiful you were, a sweet, happy, funny, lively little shih Tzu girl who loved so much riding on the bike basket, boating, meeting people and always picking the plushiest cushion to curl up. Thank You Diva, for these years of pure love. We'll cherish your memory forever.

Patrick and Marie



In memory of our sweet boy Griffey who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 3/29/14. He was a loving loyal companion for 16 years. He enjoyed boat rides on the river and chasing tennis balls. Griffey will be missed dearly and remain in our hearts forever.

Kim, Jeff and Holden

Angel & Casper

In memory ot my two Shih Tzu rescues Angel 6/2013 and Casper 2/2006...RIP at the Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again.

Patricia Duncan



This tribute is for Bento and the kind hearted people who loved him and took him home from a cardboard box outside a grocery store 12 years ago. Bento was more then a dog- he was a beloved family member with a wardrobe and personal chef to prove it. Bento lived a long and happy life and was as spoiled as all dogs dream. Bento enjoyed travelling to national parks, watching basketball ( he was a Clippers fan and also a distant relative of Jeremy Lin's dog Spinee). His favorite meal was duck- although in-n-out and dark meat chicken and rice were also enjoyed on many occasions when duck was scarce. Bento is survived by his constant companion Kelly. Who is likely the most awesome dog Mama in the world. Our hearts go out to her and her family during this difficult time. Bento will be dearly missed. RIP Bento

Sherin Larijani & Friends of Bento



In the loving memory of a sweet baby boy, Cooper. You are truly an Angel Baby now.




In loving memory of Yogi. He will always be our "Tough Little Orchid".

Becky H.



Our beloved, Eunice, made her transition on Sunday, July 20, 2014. We were all touched by her wisdom, kindness, strength and presence. She was one of a kind and will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. Eunice was a revered Yogini, a lover of our universe and all its inhabitants. A beautiful, humble human being, Eunice was a dear friend of a treasured friend of Shih Tzu Rescue & Harriet & Eric, Sue Landon. We are honored to post her memorial.



In loving memory of our precious friend Petey (Oct 1997 - Mar 2007). Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge

Susan & Bill



Trouble,my wonderful male Shih Tzu, was with us for 17 years. He and his half sister, Brandy, (who we lost 2 years before), were members of our family and had us well trained. He had a wonderful personality and made us laugh continuously. There is definitely a part of my heart that he took with him. I will miss him forever.




This past Saturday, October 25, our beloved little dog, William went to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. He was 17, and the years had begun to rapidly take their physica1 toll though his spirit never waned for an instant. William's vet told me a few months ago to begin preparing myself for the inevitable but even with this warning, and knowing that his life had been a long one filled with love and companionship, it still was one of the most difficult and emotional experiences I have ever gone through in my 54 years. When he departed this life, he went as he lived, quietly, without fuss or bother, and surrounded by his family, knowing even with his final breath that he was deeply loved and cherished. William came to us as a rescue, but right now I would be hard-pressed to say exactly who rescued who. Though he loved his family all, and was in turn equally loved by all, it was common knowledge that I had a special bond with him. My constant companion, he never willingly left my side, even when walking had become almost too much-tor him to bear. Now there is such a void where he used to be and I know, while time might dull the emptiness I now feel, it will never subside completely. His paw prints will remain on my heart for the rest of my life. I read one time that Mongolians believe that when a dog is absolutely the best dog he can be, that dog will return again as a human. I'm not sure why Mongolians believe a dog would consider this a desirable reward but they do. If they are right, William will be back again, this time walking on two legs.. He was absolutely the best dog a dog could or can even hope to be. The grief I'm now feeling is tempered by the knowledge that I was extraordinarily lucky in having him as my best friend for so long. There will never be another like him. So, with that I would like to donate the enclosed, in William's name, for your most worthy efforts on behalf of these wonderful little companions in the hope that it might help someone to one day find a best friend, just as I found William, or he found me.


Guy E. Lounsbury



Allie and Paul,

Our family is saddened by the loss of your beloved furbaby Bella. She will live on in all of our hearts forever. She was a sweet girl and will be missed by many. Our deepest sympathies for your loss. "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" (Roger Caras)

From The Stannard Family



In memory of Iggy: deeply loved furry child of Drita. Forever in my heart




Clifford passed away yesterday, April 27, 2015. We adopted him from you (Shih Tzu Rescue) 14 years ago. I can not express the joy and happiness he brought us over the years. He was one of a kind. He will be missed.

Susan Grace



We love you, Lily, and we thank you for loving us...for making us laugh with your silly and funny ways of doing things, for the kisses on the bad days, and your wagging welcome - every time we came through the door. There will never be another one of you... and how lucky are we that you were here with us. I know Dad (Funpa) was there to greet you and probably give you more treats than you could have possibly imagined (he was always good for that!). You brought so much joy to our lives and we are forever blessed that God chose us for you... I rescued you, but indeed, YOU rescued me.... xoxox Love Always to You My Sweet Pretty Little Girl.

Kristin Rozier



In loving memory of Zoe

Kristin Gasparino


Dixie was a beloved rescue dog, friend and companion of Terry P. She will live forever in our hearts

Eric Carnahan



In loving memory of Stella, our very special girl who we lost in December 2015. We adopted her from Shih Tzu Rescue in March of 2007 and she was already a little grey around the whiskers. She was our wonderful girl and we miss her terribly.

Craig & Ray



In memory of Mason Waddell, faithful and loving companion of 16 years. He loved to travel on road trips and was a light to all who knew him.



In loving memory of our Skipper - he was the Skipper of our lives. Godspeed until we meet again!

Ron & Lorie Moran



Feb 28, 2001 - Jun 10, 2016... My dearest friend with a heart of gold. A piece of me left with you... Thank you for being a part of my life.. I love you. Until we meet again.. Xoxoxo

Avanti Solon


In loving memory of Joseph McAloose who loved very much his two Shih Tzu dogs, Kelly & Rocky.




In memory of our beloved Skye. She was thrown out of a car and thrown into our hearts. Our own little rescue. We only had her 3 years but those were very special years. We miss you baby girl.

Sherry Nelson

Boomer Bear


Boomer Bear Hymes
My best boy!
Dec 11, 2001- Sept 22, 2016

Marsha Hymes



In memory of Queenie (2001-2016), in the hope that all Shih Tzus be as loved as she was and that all owners be as blessed as Queenie's owners were.

Beverly Bellinger

Poppie Ming


The light of my life. You left me too soon. My heart is broken.




My best friend Cisco passed away on Oct.15th. He took a piece of my heart. I rescued him 11 years ago and never having no children, he was my little boy.

Kathleen DeLeo



In memory of Willy...the sweetest, most undemanding, laziest old slug dog. Your endearing quirks will be missed by all who knew you.




Our 14 year old Meisha crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. Our hearts are breaking & our home has a huge emptiness now. She had a best buddy neighbor Shih Tzu, Tyker, who was waiting for her on the bridge. They are together again, playing and laying in heaven\'s sunshine. We will always remember you Meisha. Love you always.

Donita Slack



Oreo left me on Feb. 1st due to kidney disease. I was blessed to have him for 5 years only. I rescued him from a puppy mill where he lived for 4 years and was abused. He came with many physical problems but he had 5 wonderful years and I was lucky to have him in my life playing and laying in heaven\'s sunshine. We will always remember you Meisha. Love you always.




My dear sweet Trouble left me on Feb. 2, 2017 due to cancer. He gave me 12 wonderful years. May he rest in peace. Love forever,


Tiger Woods


Tiger gave my parents so much joy and happiness in their 14 years together.




My stepdad had a fiesty, spirited shih tzu named Chewy. She was a tough, little dog. She wandered the rooms of my parents house with purpose - patrolling, on the look out with a jaunty walk and a swish of her tail. But she loved Gary and my mom fiercely. Never was there a dog that was better cared for than Chewy. She always had a warm lap to sleep in, a biscuit or lick of ice cream and someone to pet her. Though she is patrolling the grounds of heaven now, her time in heaven began on Earth with the most loving home a dog could dream of..




Casey Johnson, faithful and loving companion to Beth. Casey, may you run fast and free until you are reunited with your Mom.

Mary Earle



In loving memory of Teddy.
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France"

Jocelyn Smith



In loving memory of a sweet and spirited girl named Halo who brightened the world for 16 years. You will be dearly missed and forever loved, Halo!

Grandma, Stacy, Stephanie, Sherry & families



In memory of Satchmo, April 15, 2000- November 27, 2017. He brought joy to all who knew him and will be missed.

Christine Feit



In memory of Tiki, beloved companion of Charles Heise



Until we meet again - forever in our hearts.

Beth Malsom



In loving memory of our sweet Sailor. He was our little trouper who lived 17 years! Godspeed until we meet again.

Ron & Lorie Moran


In loving memory of “Shorty”. You were greatly loved by your family and we hope that you are getting treats from your Dad and that there are squirrels in heaven. Godspeed until we meet again.

Ron, Lorie & Bigelow Moran
Sandy & Tyler Hagan


We love you, Scrappy! You were so special to all of us in the family. You were one of us. You were your mama\'s everything. Thank you for your love and the happiness you brought to everyone. See you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Love, your family...
Sandy & Tyler Hagan



Jack loved his family and watched over us. He and Gayle took in several Shiz Tsu dogs who provided love and comfort over many years.

We miss you, Jack!
Jacob Burch and Melissa Hill







My sweet Daisy, age 14 years 5 months, 2003 to 2018,. The love of my life.

Cheryl Norman



In memory of the most beautiful doggy, Dexter do de do do. You were the most special baby. We miss you, but know we will all meet again on the other side of the rainbow bridge one day. Until then, we will never forget you ??

Charlotte Casson


In loving memory of Carolyn Marie Medeiros and in honor of her husband, Fran, who still takes loving care of their ShihTzu, Chloe Marie.

From Madelyn



For our precious Zuzu, we miss you everyday. Our life is not the same without you.

Aimee & Joe


Gingy was a cool dog you saved many cats from termination. Gingy was an old soul who loved those around him and enjoyed sitting on his mom\'s lap getting belly rubs. He is and will always be loved. Play with Pepe at Rainbow Bridge my friend, where you are both healthy and loved.

Melanie, Basie, Theo, Mack, Krissy



My Doris and I found each other at Shih Tzu Rescue in February 2013. We were together for over six wonderful years until she went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 2, 2019. I remember that the first time I ever saw her from across the room, I said out loud: She’s beautiful! I know that everyone thinks that their dog is special, but Doris was something different. She was just an amazing little girl. Very smart, loving, sweet, loyal and just really good. Although she snored horribly, she slept next to me every night while I held her paw. Everyone loved Doris, really everyone… When she passed away, I received condolence cards from people who had only met her once. I have never experienced anything like that before. Doris was also an expert traveler who loved to spend the winters on Palm Beach Island and her summers on Fire Island. Did I mention that she was beautiful? Doris was absolutely gorgeous. She always had a smile on her face and was ready to give kisses. Her nickname that my neighbors used was “Pretty Princess”. She definitely was a princess, my princess, my beautiful little girl. I will always miss her and will always keep her love and memory in my heart. She is now with her brother Benjamin who I know is taking care of her at The Rainbow Bridge where she is now along with a giant piece of my heart.




In honor of our beloved Mushu. Until we meet again sweet boy!

Kim Palmieri



Lola Stabile, 02/07/08 - 02/27/20; Dad, Bella and I miss you so much my sweet princess. Rest peacefully now my sweet love.

Cheri Stabile



In memory of Maggie, the best shih-tzu ever. Maggie has many fans and she will always be loved and remembered by them.



In memory of Carol Fogarty Perrin who will forever be in our hearts. Though our words will do little, we hope our thoughts and prayers will support you at this sorrowful time.

Carol Muldowney, Audrey King, Judy Greco and family.



In honor of Rascal, a very sweet boy.

Maria Juri



In memory of Mulligan ("Mully"). Bringing her home from the golf course where she was abandoned may have been the best decision I ever made. For eight years, the most wonderful companion anyone could ever ask for. I'm heartbroken by her loss and miss her more than I can say. Save an animal. They are so grateful and you will be too.

Julie Feigeles



She came to me unexpectedly but without hesitation I welcomed her with open arms. I looked into her eyes and promised her she would never suffer another day in her life and I meant it. From that moment on we were inseparable. The fact that she was born on Christmas Eve and passed on Good Friday only confirmed she truly was the ultimate angel. Took my heart with her.

Gretchen Palmer



My little Bella has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was the most beautiful, loving, happy little girl that anyone could ever wish for. Rest in peace, my baby. We all love you.

Ricardo & Mara

Molly O


Molly O. was called to heaven to be with her sister Maggie and her gigi Susan. She was loved so fiercely by her dog mama Nicole, and will never be forgotten for all the unselfish love, affection, cuddles and licks she gave. Forever in our hearts! Thank you Molly for always being such a loyal friend.

Christina Errato

Vita Bella


Vita Bella & Betty - BFF's! May the memories bring you happiness and joy. She is waiting for you in Heaven!

Lorie Marcum



Love you Guu


Sinae Kim

In memory of "Sinae" Kim, the most loved Shih Tzu there ever was. May you fly high sweet angel and may you rest forever in peace. The Nordahl Pet Clinic staff of San Marcos CA will never forget you.

Jeanine Jacobs


Our little angel


My Love, My Heart, My Everything.



Admiral Bigelow - you were a blessing, a joy and a legend. You were taken from us too soon. God speed 'Biggie' - you will always be in our hearts.

Ron, Lorie & Amber Moran



In memory of beloved Molly. Thank you for being my best friend’s best friend. You are missed and loved forever.




In Loving Memory of Shanti.




For Katie and her beloved Spencer

With love from Stacy, Gina, Bronwyn, Carl and Melissa