Frequently Asked Questions

These are Babajoy and Ivy, the founding members of our organization. We have collected the most common questions that have been brought to us since we first started and answered them right here. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

Where are photos of all the dogs currently available for adoption?

We have all the available dogs and cats, with photos, on this website. View our profiles for the available dogs at Shih Tzu Rescue.

Can Shih Tzu Rescue call me when a particular dog that I am looking for (breed, age, color) comes in to the shelter?

Trying to meet these requests in the past has led to considerable time spent in finding changed e-mail addresses, phones no longer operating, changed minds, etc. Unfortunately, Shih Tzu Rescue simply does not currently have the volunteer staff and time to devote to this activity.

Where exactly are you located and what are your business hours?

We maintain regular business hours from 9-5 Monday through Friday, and until 2 on weekends. On major holidays, our hours differ, giving our small staff and willing volunteers a chance to enjoy some of the day themselves with family after basic care is given to our animal residents.

We do not post the exact location of the shelter in an attempt to avoid impulse abandonment of animals. We have learned that often a pet owner, annoyed by some behavior or problem, wants to immediately abandon the pet at a shelter. We have also learned that in such a situation, sometimes simple phone advice or counseling will give the animal a second and successful chance at living in its current home. Furthermore, as much as we would like to, it is impossible for us, or any other organization, to serve every single case we encounter, particularly now with the added requests via e-mail.

Unfortunately, our space and resources at this time are limited. We operate on an appointment basis, to be sure that someone knowledgeable about the animals is on hand to serve adopters or visitors.

We have a dog that we need to give to the shelter, how do we do that?

You must call the shelter first to see if space is available. If there is no available space at that time, you may give us all the information about the dog. Then, when and if space becomes available and we can help you, then we will get back to you via phone. Usually, animal emergencies carry priority. Space here is made available by adoption of current residents. Arrangements for incoming animals are not made using e-mail.

What is your sponsor program?

Many people want to adopt a dog but cannot keep one at their home due to various reasons. Instead of actually adopting, they can "sponsor" the dog(s) of their choice. The dog(s) stays at the shelter. In the event their sponsored dog is adopted to a qualified home, another pet will be made available. E-mail us to get started.

Is there an adoption fee to adopt a dog?

Yes there is. This varies and will be discussed during the shelter visit or initial phone call. The fee is reasonable and helps us to cover some of the expenses of caring for the dog. The dogs for adoption are spayed or neutered, have appropriate shots and have been examined by our veterinarian. Details of the medical history of any dog will available during the adoption process.

I want to volunteer to help the animals at Shih Tzu Rescue. How do I go about it?

Volunteers are a crucial part of our work for the dogs. They are needed and welcome. Volunteers must be reliable and dependable. We appreciate a "let's get it done attitude." There are multiple needs for willing volunteers in our shelter that include:

Helping raise much needed funds to operate our shelter

Helping plan events and working and running them

Recruiting supporters and volunteers

Providing help with various office duties employing computers, scanner, photographic skills etc.

Graphics work designing flyers for adoptions and invitations for events and fundraisers

Providing donated printing costs for our newsletters

Providing donated mailing services

Providing landscape, lawn maintenance

Specialty and handyperson skills for the never ending repairs and maintenance of the facilities

As Shih Tzu Rescue has washers and dryers in our shelter (workplace regulation classified as "machinery") persons under 16 cannot volunteer at Shih Tzu Rescue, even with a parent's consent or presence. This is beyond Shih Tzu Rescue's control. Shih Tzu Rescue regrets this limitation.

Persons age 16-17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when visiting the shelter for the first time. The parent or legal guardian must approve the minor for volunteering. Some of our best volunteers are young people, so we invite parents or guardians to visit our facility with them.

If you are 18 or older, you are an adult and there are no restrictions.Please visit our Volunteers page for more info.

What are the duties of a volunteer at the shelter?

Our volunteers help out with whatever needs to be done. However, if you have special skills, you may be able to concentrate your efforts in your specialty area. We could really use the help of photographers and someone who is familiar with computers, digital cameras, and picture scanners.

If you are allergic to dogs (or cats), please discuss this with us as there are dogs (and a few cats) "every place" at Shih Tzu Rescue, including in the office.

The rewards of helping these animals are great. They depend on the loving, caring and kindness of volunteers so very much and show their appreciation with their love and affection. Please visit our Volunteers page for more information.

I called the shelter and did not get a call back right away, why?

We are still a small organization. Therefore, our office staff is small as well, as is the number of our regular volunteers. Volunteers are often people with career and family demands, giving willingly of spare time which is appreciated. We often get an overwhelming number of calls a day on our phone lines and a separate fax which would require a full time person to handle. We prefer that your donations go more directly to the animals' care and services. We don't like voice mail any more than most, but sometimes it is a necessary and often helpful tool here and most everywhere today. Our voice mail asks that a detailed message is left as to the nature of the call with a day phone. If we are in a position to assist, we will get back to the caller usually within a day or two. If you don't get a callback and still need a response, please e-mail us. Please keep in mind that we are a hardworking small organization with limited human and financial resources. We do sincerely try to do our best for the dogs.

I'd like to fax you something, what is your fax number?

Our fax line is not usually kept on. We prefer regular or e-mail it to us if that is possible. Attachments may be limited by our servers.

How can I make a donation to Shih Tzu Rescue?

You can make a donation with a major credit card, debit card or check by using the security and convenience of Pay Pal right here on our website. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Donations are tax-deductible (check with your tax advisor), as we are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Of course we also accept donations through the regular mail

Who are the people at Shih Tzu Rescue?

We are of different ages and backgrounds with different skills, careers and personal lives. We all believe that dogs are precious, intelligent creatures that should not suffer due to human cruelty, sport, vanity, habit or gain. We work together to reduce whatever suffering we can, and improve what lives we can. We believe that in our effort we can truly say, "I Helped Save a Precious Life Today."

How can I contact Shih Tzu Rescue through e-mail?

You can fill out our contact form and send email directly through your mailing program. You will also find our mailing address and phone number on the contact page.

What should I feed my new companion?

Dog Food Suggestions

Go to their websites to find where these brands are sold in your area.

Note: Any dog food you feed your dog should be free of corn (a huge allergen to dogs) and the first three ingredients should be proteins such as chicken, turkey, lamb, fish or beef. When changing your dogs diet – do this gradually over 7 day period to avoid stomach upset.